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Comics of a solitary island

The man of a solitary island a solitary island in the distant sea. The man who flows to the solitary island of Pacific middle and who stuck is miserable.
The man's life is short.
However, humor is produced just in such a state.

The hero of solitary island comics is stupid in why.
It is just going to presuppose that I am elated to write on the topic of a stupid man. Because, I am since it is stupid.

an isolated island(1)
too -- It seems that there was too little material.

an isolated island(2)
It may be troubled when a lot can be fished.

an isolated island(3)
It is not good that land is lost.

an isolated island(4)
You Here What life has it lived?

an isolated island(5)
It was said that price carried out bank transfer.....
   It may be deceived.

an isolated island(6)
Don't throw away an empty can!!

an isolated island(7)
Where did you really come from?

an isolated island(8)
Is a carp in this lake?

an isolated island(9)
Do not worry.
A stomach of a shark nominates you later.

an isolated island(10)
Is it reservation?

an isolated island(11)
Please take care and carry out.

an isolated island(12)
It was good to bring The incense stick which kills a mosquito.

an isolated island(13)
Your idea is known......

an isolated island(14)
There is a deer of this jungle.

an isolated island(15)
it is failure....
It was better to leave the material which builds a ship.

an isolated island(16)
Does oil come out truly?

an isolated island(17)
It has severed.

an isolated island(18)
It is left alone.

an isolated island(19)
It does not come to feel
that some serious discovery was carried out.

an isolated island(20)

Thank you for having you see to the last.

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